Decentralised identity solution ION with official launch

Microsoft: ION decentralised identity solution officially launched

Microsoft’s decentralised identity network ION has successfully completed the beta test phase. User names are now a thing of the past. Security experts also praise the attack security of the Bitcoin mainnet.

The time has come: software giant Microsoft is launching its decentralised identity solution ION on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is Bitcoin Revolution app according to an announcement on the company’s website. Already during the announcement of the beta phase of this project, the advantages for the user became clear. Thus, they are no longer required to resort to a username or email address for Microsoft services.

This solution is used in the Bitcoin mainnet and is a permission-free public network for decentralised identifiers (DIDs). The lead time of this project at Microsoft is four years. Its goal is to give individuals, organisations and others control over digital exchanges using DIDs. ION uses a sidetree protocol to anchor DID/DPKI (Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure) transactions that interact on the network. Each transaction is encoded with a hash that allows ION nodes to categorise, store, process and retrieve transactions associated with a particular DID.

ION does not rely on centralised entities, trusted validators or special protocol tokens – ION answers to no one but you, the community. Because ION is an open, permission-free system, anyone can run an ION node, and the more nodes in operation, the stronger the network becomes.

, Microsoft Senior Product Manager Daniel Buchner said in the announcement.

Why Microsoft is taking the Bitcoin Blockchain

In the FAQ section on its ION project, Microsoft addresses the question of why it chose the Bitcoin mainnet of all things. The team rates Bitcoin’s blockchain as the most powerful in six important criteria. For example, in the creation of a single, independent and immutable record that cannot be reversed. The security aspect is also significant for Microsoft. The cost of an attack on the system is considered so immense that it is practically unfeasible. On these two points mentioned, Bitcoin’s blockchain has a huge advantage over other solutions, according to Microsoft:

Bitcoin has such a big lead over other options that they don’t even come close. Bitcoin is the safest solution and nothing comes after it for a long time.

On his Twitter account, Buchner shares that the basic outlines of the ION idea were already developed 10 years ago, when he was still working for Mozilla. Due to the lightweight architecture of ION, it should be possible for Microsoft to store 40 billion DIDs in just two terabytes of storage space.